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6 Essentials Things to Do After You Get Engaged

6 Essentials Things to Do After You Get Engaged

Congratulations! You’re engaged…but now what? Here are six essentials things to do after you get engaged to help you make the most of this precious time between dating and marriage.

Pray Together

Start the next phase of your journey as a couple by including the Lord. The day you get engaged, kneel down together as a couple and pray in gratitude and hope. Each can offer up a prayer expressing what is in their hearts and praying for their future spouse as you move forward to an eternal marriage. It will keep your heart focused on what matters most as you begin the hectic wedding planning process.

Share Your Love

Once you’re engaged, make sure you share the news with your closest family and friends in person. Either tell them in person or call them on the phone. A video chat is even better! Regardless, you want to make sure you contact anyone who may feel bothered if they hear the news on social media. Once the calls are done, feel free to post away!

Contact Your Ecclesiastical Leader

You may forget to contact your bishop or branch president once you’re engaged, but don’t! They’ll be able to help you start all of the religious aspects of your marriage. This includes your recommends and contacting your temple of choice. There is often a marriage prep course he can suggest you take and other services offered by your ward.

Insure the Engagement Ring

Regardless of the actual cost of the engagement ring, it is a sentimental piece of jewelry you want to protect. Many insurance policies, for renters or homeowners, offer extensions on rings. These are often called “ring riders.” You can also insure your ring through a jewelry company that specializes in ring insurance. The company you bought the ring from may even offer ring insurance, so make sure to ask.

Document the Proposal

After you’re proposed, take some time to write down your experience. You should also take pictures and video of the ring, the proposal spot, and the reactions of friends and family as you tell them the big news. The moment will go by in a blur and you want to remember every detail.

Enjoying Being Engaged

The moment you get engaged, it’s likely your mind will start racing. There is so much to plan! While you definitely need to tackle some things early on, take some time to enjoy the moment of being engaged without the stress of wedding planning. Go out to a celebratory dinner and talk about what the things that excited you most about your upcoming nuptials. Host an engagement party. Simply revel in the special time. It will be over before you know it.



6 Essentials Things to Do After You Get Engaged

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  • "Love is a fragile thing, and some elements in life can try to break it. Much damage can be done if we are not in tender hands, caring hands. To give ourselves totally to another person, as we do in marriage, is the most trusting step we take in any human relationship. It is a real act of faith—faith all of us must be willing to exercise. If we do it right, we end up sharing everything—all our hopes, all our fears, all our dreams, all our weaknesses, and all our joys—with another person.” -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland + + + +
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