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LDS Wedding Invitations 101

LDS Wedding Invitations 101

Your wedding day is a precious time to gather with family and friends. You want to be surrounded by the people who love and support you most. Sending out wedding invitations is the traditional way to announce your marriage and all of your wedding festivities. Here are some basics you’ll want to go over when thinking about your LDS wedding invitations, including information on wording, why inserts are important, and more.

Stick with Your Wedding Style

Your invitations will be the first time your wedding guests get a sense of the personality and style of your wedding. For those guests who can’t attend, it’s the one thing they’ll have from your special day.  Make sure your invitations reflect the joy of your big day. Incorporate your wedding color and theme for a cohesive thread from your invitations to your big day.

Included Text

For most of the world, a wedding invitation is pretty straight forward. The announcement of the marriage is made, which normally includes the names of the couple’s parents and the full name of the bride and the groom. Wedding and reception information is then provided. LDS wedding invitation wording is normally different. Here is a suggested list of what information to include on your invitation:

  • The names of both parents
  • The couple’s full names
  • The temple you are being sealed in
  • The date of your temple sealing
  • An invitation to the reception or open house (include all open house possibilities if you’ll be hosting multiple occasions)

See our eight examples of LDS wedding invitation wording here.

Separate Cards for Sealing Guests

LDS marriages take place in the sealing rooms of temples. Sealing rooms often have a maximum occupancy limit and this sacred ceremony is generally reserved for your closest family and friends. The information the sealing is not generally included on the wedding invitation. Make a separate card or insert for those who you’d like to the sealing ceremony and include it in the envelope alongside the invitation. We suggest requesting guests RSVP if they plan on attending the sealing; you can invite others if someone is unable to come. They may also wish to bring their spouse with them for the ceremony. You can place whatever guidelines you’d like on the card.

Other Information Cards

There is a lot of information you’d likely want your guests to know. However, much of it is considered inappropriate for a formal wedding invitation. The way around this? Including other cards and inserts alongside the invitation. Here are a few examples of information that should be included on a separate card:

  • WEDDING REGISTRY: It is considered a major faux pas to place your wedding registry on the invitation. In fact, most wedding etiquette experts state registry information should only be on your wedding website and passed through members of the bridal party, not the bride and groom. However, tradition has relaxed over the years. Most couples will include a small card with their registry information along with the invitation. You can also simply place the web address to your wedding site (if you create one) and direct people to it for more information.
  • DRESS CODE: Make sure to include any dress code information if you are planning a more formal or relaxed affair. You can put “Formal Dress Requested” or make any other indication.
  • DIRECTIONS: If you’re worried about guests finding your reception location, you can include a small, printed off map to help. This is especially suggested if you have specific parking directions or limitations.
  • RSVP: If you need a formal headcount, it is customary to include a RSVP card your guests can fill out and return. We also suggest including a stamp to make it even easier to send back. You can also request an electronic RSVP.


Wedding Invite Timeline

It is suggested you send out your wedding invitations out at least 8 weeks before the wedding. Any “Save the Date” cards should go out 4-6 weeks before that. If you are planning on having your wedding over a major holiday weekend or during a busy time of year, we suggest giving your guests even more time to plan for attending your wedding so any travel arrangements can be made.




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