10 Awesome Themes for an LDS Bridal Shower

We’ve gathered 10 themes to help you plan an LDS bridal shower your bride (and all of her guests) will love. Whether you’re an official maid-of-honor or just a friend looking to help out, these themes are full of creativity and fun that the entire family can enjoy.

1. She’s a Gem

LDS Bridal Shower Theme - She's a Gem

Help your bride feel priceless with a gem-themed bridal shower. Focus on using opulent jewel-tones and sparkly accessories. Serve gem-shaped cookies and sandwiches, rock candy, ring pops, and other hard candies. For a craft activity, make gemstone soaps from silicone molds. Because there are so many gemstones, you can take this theme in a lot of different directions, personalizing the party to your bride.

2. One Less Fish in the Sea

LDS Bridal Shower - One Less Fish in the Sea

This cute aquatic theme is a fun play on a traditional saying. Serve sub sandwiches, sand dollar cookies, fresh fruit salad, seafoam (divinity) candy, and jiggly jello desserts. Decorate with blue and green streamers, balloons, and sand.  Sparkling metallic wrapping paper and tablecloths with a chrome sheen can also be fun.

3. She Found Her Main Squeeze

She Found Her Main Squeeze - LDS Bridal Shower Theme

We love this citric-theme for the spring and summer months. Stick to bright colors, such as lemon yellow, raspberry red, and zesty orange for decorating and serve up lots of juice. This theme is great for a brunch or lunch party.  Create your own juice blends by mixing juices, syrups, fresh zest, and sparkling ciders and waters. Send your guests home with their own recipes or personal bottle of homemade lemonade as a party favor.

4. Fall in Love


Throwing a bridal shower in the autumn months? Lean into the natural changing of the seasons with a fall-themed shower. Use the rich colors of the changing leaves for your decor and rustic elements such as mason jars, wildflowers, leaves, pumpkins, and gourds. Serve autumnal treats like pie, cake donuts, caramel apples, s’mores, and apple cider. Send your friends home with homemade caramel.

5. Let’s Taco Bout Love


This eclectic theme is perfect for fun brides looking for a hearty meal at their shower. Offer a taco bar or order in authentic tacos with all the add-ons. Serve horchata, use pinatas and traditional flags to decorate, and print out the invitations on paper with bright colors and cut-out elements.

6. He Popped the Question


Popcorn is the star of this theme. Serve multiple different flavors of popcorn as treats and/or allow guests to create their own flavors with drizzles, flavored butter, syrups, candy, and more. Give portioned bags of gourmet popping corn to your guests as favors. For a game, see how well your guests know the bride by answer questions. For each question they get right, they can add another piece of popcorn to a garland. The one with the longest garland wins a prize.

7. Let Love Grow


Does your bride have a green thumb? Even if she just loves plants and flowers, this earthy theme combines the beauty of flowers with the rustic elements of gardening. Focus on getting fresh flowers or potted plants as decor with lots of garden fruits and veggies to eat. Let everyone plant seeds in a miniature pot as a take-home gift.

8. Celebrate the Bride to Bee


Bees don’t have to be scary with this honey-central theme. Yellows, lace, fresh flowers, and honeycomb designs should be the focus of your invitations and decor. Serve up honey-flavored sweets and baked goods. We suggest fried donuts and breads you can drizzle honey and chocolate on. Send your guests home with their own little jar of fresh honey.

9. Love is a Journey


If your bride and groom have spent time living in different places during their relationship, taken multiple journeys together, or just like different cultural experiences, this is a great theme to choose. Use maps, globes, books, and compasses as your decor symbols. Highlight any specific places your bride and groom have been to or places that have been significant in their relationship. Serve their favorite food from those places.

10. Mani Thanks


Treat your guests to a luxurious spa experience! Provide finger foods, sweets, and flavored drinks to partake on as they soak their feet and do their nails. Give away a small bottle of nail polish or another spa-related item as a favor.

We hope you liked these LDS bridal shower ideas. Are you a maid of honor or bridesmaid? Check out more essential tips and tricks here. 

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