10 LDS Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Many bride and grooms like to give a small gift to their wedding guests as a token of their appreciation. However, finding favors that are inspired by your faith can be difficult. We’ve curated this list of ten LDS wedding favors to make the search a little easier. These favors are specifically inspired by principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ and are a great way to share your beliefs in an appropriate and appreciated way.

1. Free Photos

Whether your photographer has a second shooter or you enlist the help of a family member, take and print off photos of your guests as a special treat. You can purchase photo paper and bring a regular printer or you could rent a small photo printer for the night. Small polaroid cameras also work. The meaning comes in the invitation! Invite your guests to write down one way they’ve been inspired throughout the night to share love with others. Hopefully, every time they see the photo and what they’ve written on the back, they’ll be inspired to serve.

Plus, your guests will love having a photo of themselves they can take home.

2. Temple Coloring Pages

LDS Weddng Favors - Temple Coloring Page

A temple coloring page is a budget-friendly favor that also doubles as an activity. Print off the coloring page on a sheet of paper. You can just leave a stack for people to grab or you can roll them up and tie with a ribbon. If your budget allows, provide a small pack of crayons with each or buy a few bulk packs and put them all in a basket so your guests can choose one.

You can hire a graphic designer to create a coloring page designed around your temple and love story or you can see a whole collection of pre-made temple coloring pages here. Most are free or under 99 cents for a file you print off unlimited quantities of.

3. Small Temple Print

Purchase a small print of the temple you were married in. You can find a lot of designs online or Etsy. Here is one place you can check out.

4. Temple Cookie Cutter + Cookie & Recipe

You’ve got some options with this one! Guests love treats, so you can offer cookies made with a temple cookie cutter. You can provide just a cookie, the cookie and the cookie cutter, just the cookie cutter, or a cookie, the cookie cutter, and a recipe. It’s up totally up to you and your budget. Here is a super popular temple cookie cutter you can buy.

5. Jams and Jellies

Send your guests away with a small (under 2 ounces) jar of jam or jelly. Include a recipe and instructions on how your guests can make their own once the jar is empty. It’s a great way to make something homemade for your guests while sharing a bit of love for self-reliance and emergency preparedness.

6. Quote Magnet

Have your favorite LDS quote on love or marriage turned into a small magnet your guests can enjoy at home or school. Need some help finding a quote? Check out our collection of quotes from LDS prophets and apostles on marriage and love.

7. Family Proclamation Bookmark

Share your testimony of the family by giving away Family Proclamation bookmarks as a wedding favor. You can purchase them here or create your own. They’re definitely a more clear statement about your beliefs in the family and the values you plan to bring to your new marriage.

8. Custom Jewelry

LDS Wedding Favors - Custom Jewelry

Have a bit more of a budget? Consider making some custom jewelry for your guests. You can add a scripture, a quote, or even a thank you message in your own handwriting. You can check out some custom jewelry sites by clicking here and here.

We suggest doing a gender neutral item like a keychain, pen, or money clip. These are a good option for more formal receptions where you have a very clear number of guests to be attendance.

9. Seeds

Remind your guests to grow in love and faith by giving them a small seed they can plant. Seeds are popular wedding favor gifts and can be purchased in a wide variety of wedding-themed designs. Most come in a small seed paper packet or small, eco-friendly pouches.

You could include a quote or scripture about how faith is like a little seed.

10. Donation to Humanitarian Aid

Give the money you would have spent on wedding favors to humanitarian aid. You can choose a charity that means a lot to you or simply add the donation to your next tithing slip. Whatever you decide, have a little table telling guests of your choice and why the charity or group you chose is important to you.



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