10 Most Popular Wedding Themes of All Time

Are you trying to pick out a theme for your LDS wedding? Here, in our humble opinion, are the most popular wedding themes to choose from. Don’t fret about being unoriginal. You can take any of these wedding themes and personalize them for a one-of-a-kind wedding.

Classical Romance


At the end of the day, weddings are all about romance. The classical romance wedding theme capitalizes on love. It’s hallmarks are pink-hued colors, candles, satin, glitter, fresh flowers, and tulle. It’s one of the most feminine wedding themes out there and is especially good for more formal affairs.


shaun menary; winding ridge b&b; GRO Designs; texas wedding; outdoor reception; tea and coffee station; vintage tea cups; tea cups hanging;


Vintage can mean a lot of things! It terms of weddings, however, the most popular decade to emulate is the Victorian-era. When most people think vintage, they think tea-cups, pearls, ornate frames, and other antique props. While the Victorian-era is definitely the most common, there’s a lot of room for versatility with the vintage theme. You can focus on flappers and Art Deco from the 20s and 30s or go even further back in time with an Edwardian themed wedding.


Retro Bowling Club Wedding with an Ocean View: Nat & Sam · Wedding · Rock n Roll Bride


Retro wedding themes may seem similar to the vintage idea, but they are generally a lot more fun. Think 50’s soda pop and bright buntings or the psychedelic colors of the 70s. Retro weddings can also incorporate nostalgic elements, like old-time state fairs or dive bar restaurants. Retro weddings are great for couples that love bright colors, quirky accessories, and lots of classic American food.

Rustic Country

Low budget rustic wedding... DIY candles/mason jar vases, thrift store lace fabric for tables, DIY wood base for cake, DIY champaign glasses


Rustic weddings are full of charm! They take a bit of the roughness of country life and the elegance of a wedding for a sweet combination. There’s been a definite resurgence of rustic weddings in the last few years. Mason jars, wild flowers, burlap, and barns have all become rustic country wedding staples. You don’t have to be from the country to enjoy a rustic wedding. It’s great for couples that love the outdoors or are planning a wedding for the summer.


Love this drink stand idea for a beach wedding! Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands


Beach themed weddings are perfect for the laid-back couple. While most beach weddings necessitate a body of water close by, you can incorporate a sea-side element even if you’re landlocked. Beach weddings are meant to be relaxed and care free. People often don’t wear shoes and the attire for the party is a lot less formal. Beach weddings use the natural colors of the sea and incorporate sea shells, sea weed, and driftwood as decor items.


Kate + Michael – Diamond Affairs Weddings and Special Events


The garden themed wedding is fresh and fantastical. Real flowers are in abundance and as are long tables, draped fabrics, and wooden accents. Garden weddings are great for early evenings in the spring and summer. It is a good theme to choose if you like softer color palettes and lots of greenery.

Fairy Tale

Gorgeous Wedding Cake with Swarovski Crystal Cinderella Castle Royal Wedding Cake Topper


Enchanted Fairytale Dreams tablescape


Fairy tale weddings are all about magic and whimsy. There are two different directions you can go with fairy tale weddings. The most usual route involves ball gowns, tiaras, and a lot of pieces fit for royalty. The other is more whimsical and features vivid colors, lots of magical lighting, and enchanting accents pulled from the fantasy world. Either way you, fairy tale weddings are great for the couple who wants to transport their guests (and themselves) to another world.


A chic boho watercolor wedding styled shoot in Texas with vibrant florals and a gold two-piece wedding dress by Jessica Pledger Photography


A bohemian wedding is perfect for the non-traditional couple. Rugs are often used in decor, long, flowing sleeves are popular on bridal gowns, and flowers are everywhere. Bohemian weddings are meant to exemplify shabby chic; wedding elements are meant to look a bit haphazard and thrown together. They also incorporate a lot of rich colors in unusual ways, such as with a colorful wedding dress or flowers in someone’s hair.


Fuchsia peony gold lantern Moroccan centerpiece


Ethnicity and culture can play a large part in your wedding. Draw from your family heritage to build a unique and personal wedding theme. If you have family from India, you can incorporate vibrant colors and henna. Maybe your family is from Ireland and you want traditional foods and fine linens. Talk with your family and see how your heritage and past can inspire you. An ethnic wedding can also be useful for a destination wedding.


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Seasonal weddings are the perfect way to celebrate the time of year you are getting married in. The most popular seasonal weddings are fall and winter weddings. Spring and summer weddings offer better weather for different themes and often work as blank canvases. With the rich colors of fall and the monochromatic white of winter, using those seasons helps incorporate the natural landscape into your wedding.



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