10 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

The start of a new year is a perfect time for couples to come closer together. While many people struggle to keep their goals, you have someone by your side to help. Read through these 10 New Year’s resolutions for couples and decide which ones you would like to work on together.

Cook One Meal Together a Week

The science is clear: families that eat together stay together. Take it one step farther by cooking one meal together each week. It does not have to be elaborate or expensive. The goal is to spend time working together and then eating together. Cooking is also a great hobby and gives you and your partner a chance to learn a new skill together.

Put Phones Away for Every Meal

We are a generation addicted to technology. In our most intimate moments, such as at the dining table or lying in the bed at night, we’re often plugged into a phone or tablet. Make a goal to put the phones during meals. Try not to even have them on the table or near your person.

Make a Savings Jar

There is nothing to bring a couple together like working towards a common goal. Money is often a stressor in marriage. Create a savings jar for spare change and cash. Talk together about what you would like to save for. It could be a date night out or a bigger purchase.

Start Every Greeting With a Kiss

Even the smallest signs of affection keep a relationship strong. No matter the struggles you’re facing, choose to greet each other with a kiss. It is a reminder to stop in the midst of a hectic life and take a moment for each other. For couples with children, displays of love also reinforce the strength of your marriage and act as a teaching tool.

Serve as a Couple

Find a way to serve as a couple of an a consistent basis. It can as simple as supporting one another as you fulfill church callings and responsibilities or you can find an opportunity to volunteer in your local community.

Practice Positive Talk

Without realizing it, couples can speak more harshly to one another than they intend. From sharp barbs when tired or insulting jokes that were meant to be funny, it isn’t hard to hurt one anothers feelings or be insensitive. Practice positive talk. Learn about active listening. Avoid saying words in anger. Compliment each other in private and in public.

Attend the Temple Together

Prophets and apostles strongly urge LDS couples to attend the temple as regularly as they can. It will remind you of the covenants you have made to each other and to God; it also provides clarity and revelation about your marriage.

If you are unable to attend the temple on a consistent basis, make it a point to study about the temple together as a couple and to keep your temple recommends current.

Support Personal Goals

While you set goals as a couple, make sure you set some goals for personal growth as well. Support one another and account to one another about these goals. Do not belittle the dreams and aspirations of your partner. Try to make sure each of you has the time and opportunity to succeed.

Initiate Intimacy

For married couples, take turns initiating intimacy. Make a goal that works for you; a common suggestion is to have each partner initiate sex at least once a month. Whatever your goal, it is important to discuss your sexual relationship and what you need.

Hold a Family Council

A family council comes in many forms. You can learn all about them here. No matter what you family structure looks like, hold a family council on a regular basis to discuss important aspects of your relationship. A family council would be a great time to account on your personal and family goals. This book from Elder M. Russell Ballard has been designed to help you with your family council planning.


10 new year's resolutions for couples

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