15 Ways to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

No matter how well you’ve planned and prepared, it is likely you’ll experience some nerves on your wedding day. This is completely normal. However, you want to fully enjoy your wedding day and find a peaceful spirit as you make eternal covenants with the love of your life. Here are fifteen easy ways both brides and grooms can stay calm on their big day.

1. Your Major Concerns

Chances are, there are already some concerns running through your mind. In the week leading up to your wedding day, sit down and think of your major concerns. Write them down and then discuss them with your wedding party and future spouse. Some things may be out of your control, but you may be able to address multiple concerns ahead of time.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It may feel impossible to sleep on the night before your wedding! But you should really try. Keep the day before your wedding as low-key as possible; you can even spend some time getting pampered. Go to bed early. You can even meditate before bed, spritz some calming scents into the air, or use a natural relaxant like melatonin. We don’t suggest using any sort of sleeping pill before you go to bed; you may be extra groggy when you wake up.

3. Eat a Good Breakfast

Get your wedding day started off right by eating a good breakfast. Try to stay away from sugary stuff; eat oatmeal, fresh fruits, or smoothies. Also, drink some water. You can turn it into a party by having your breakfast catered or by having your wedding party band together to cook for everyone.

4. Ask for a Priesthood Blessing

You can set the spiritual tone for your wedding day by asking for a priesthood blessing. Fathers or other loved male figures can pronounce the blessing or, if the bride would like, her future spouse could. You can also do it the night before the wedding. It is a great way to invite the Lord into your marriage from the very first day, as well as creating special memories among your family.

5. Delegate Tasks

You shouldn’t have to do any heavy lifting on your wedding day. Delegate any tasks that need to be done to someone else. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and utilize the people around you. Everyone wants you to have a great day and are more than willing to do all they can to help you. It is also helpful to sit down with your wedding party a few days in advance to go over any final delegations and make sure everyone knows what their role is on the big day.

6. Plan Buffer Time

There is a good chance something will not go according to plan or take longer than expected. When creating your wedding day schedule, make sure to plan some buffer time between each activity or event. Leave an extra half hour for pictures you may not need. Factor in any traveling time. Give yourself some space to breathe between each party of your wedding day. Even if you don’t end up using it, you’ll be grateful for a calm moment to collect yourself.

7. Pray Together

Utilize the power of prayer on your wedding day. Pray as a family. Pray as a wedding party. Pray as a couple. Keep a prayer in your heart all day long! It will keep your entire being focused on the most important aspects of the day.

8. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

As you go throughout your wedding day, you may notice a few wrinkles. Try to keep perspective and focus on what you can control. In the years to come, you likely won’t remember if a table cloth was wrinkled or if the buffet line wasn’t set up exactly as you planned.

9. Feel Emotions

Let yourself experience the emotions of the day. It’s ok to be nervous. It’s ok to be exuberantly joyful. It’s ok to cry. No matter what you feel, allow yourself to experience it and work through it if necessary. Don’t try to please anyone or meet anyone’s expectations. This is your wedding day and you’re the one who really needs to be present in the moment.

10. Communicate Your Needs

If you need something, ask for it. Maybe you need a little time alone to breathe. Maybe your hair is killing you and you want some help adjusting the bobby pins. Maybe you are stressed about the way something is going and need someone to take care of it. Stay open and honest on your wedding day about what you need.

11. Stay Connected to Your Spouse

This very special day is about the eternal family you are creating with your spouse. Stay connected to one another. Lean on one another for support. Ask how the other is doing. Take time frequently to be alone and to express your love.

12. Write What You’re Experiencing

It is easy to get lost in the frantic energy of your wedding day. Looking back, it may all feel like a whirlwind. One great idea is to take some time after your temple sealing, once you’re outside, to write down what you’re feeling. Sit alone with your spouse somewhere and simply take five minutes to write the impressions you had, the way the day has gone so far, and what you feel now that you are officially husband and wife for time and all eternity. It will be a treasured document for years to come. It will also make for a great photo opportunity as you look into your spouse’s eyes and begin writing.

13. Unplug

Try to stay away from your phone, social media, and other electronics. Plenty of others will be documenting the day; you want to be fully present for every minute of it. Staying focused and cutting out the distractions caused by electronics can help decrease your stress level.

14. Be Silly

It is so important to have fun on your wedding day! If you’re feeling stressed, find something fun and silly to do. Dance at the reception. Take some funny photos. Talk about some of the hilarious moments of your courtship.

15. Focus on Your Sealing

The most important aspect of your wedding day is the covenants you will be making with the Lord and your spouse. Keep this in the forefront of your mind and all will fall into place.



15 Ways to Stay Calm on Your Wedding Day

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