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10 Ways to Have Fun on Your Wedding Day

10 Ways to Have Fun on Your Wedding Day

Don’t let the joy and merriment of your wedding day pass you by! No matter how stressful wedding planning has been, here are ten ways to have fun on your wedding day.


The easiest and most traditional way to celebrate at your wedding is to dance the night away. Start your receiving line and dinner early enough so you can leave room at the end of your reception for dancing. If the bride and groom are out on the dance floor, everyone else will be more likely to join in.

Flash Mob

Want to take the dance idea to the next level? Hold a flash mob at your wedding reception. A flash mob occurs when a group of people spontaneously and unexpectedly break into a choreographed dance routine. The most popular wedding flash mob includes the entire wedding party performing. You can also do a unique parent’s dance to an upbeat song.

Decorate Cars

Everyone is expecting the wedding party to decorate the bride and the groom’s car. If time permits, get them back! It’s a great way for the bride and groom to spend some time alone together; just be careful not to damage your dress or suit. Some easy ways are to write notes on sticky notes and cover the car with them, or use car paint to leave notes on all of the windows.

Change Outfits

If you want to be a bit more fun and free on your wedding day, consider changing into something more comfortable. It is becoming more common for the groom to ditch his suit coat and the bride to change into a shorter, more comfortable dress for dancing and fun.

Play a Wedding Game

Playing a wedding game can be a fun way to share more about your relationship with your guests. One of the most common wedding games is the “Shoe Game” The bride and groom take off their shoes and they each get one. So, the bride has her shoe and one of the groom’s. Someone takes turn asking questions to the bride and the groom about who is more likely to do something. For example, “Who is most likely to dance in the bathroom?” Do the dishes? A quick online search will reveal lots of fun questions you can ask.

Incorporate Games Period

Incorporating games into your wedding is a fairly simple way to have fun and give guests something to do. You can use board games as centerpieces. You can have lawn games for outdoor receptions. You can make ad lib sheets about wedding advice for your guests to fill out. It will keep everyone entertained all night long.

Keep the Receiving Line Short

You definitely want to say hello to as many people as you can at your wedding. They’ve come to celebrate you and spending a moment with them is a great thank you. However, you can get stuck giving your regards the entire night long. Have a set time for receiving guests in the receiving line and make that clear on the invitation. Once that time is over, make sure you go and have some fun. You can always say hello from the dance floor!

Ask Family Members to Perform

Invite your family to be involved in your wedding reception. They can act out your courtship, tell funny stories, or perform a special dance or musical number. It adds an entertaining aspect to your wedding and makes it more personal. It is an especially good idea for those who have non-LDS family members they would like to have involved.

Scavenger Hunt

Set your guests out on a scavenger hunt. You can hide small tokens throughout the reception or do a photo scavenger hunt. The winner can receive a dance with the bride or groom or a treat from the caterer.

Plan an After Party

You don’t want to start your honeymoon late, but consider having plans for once the guests leave. Perhaps you and your spouse go and get something real to eat. You could keep the dance party going with just your closest friends. This is an especially good idea if your reception is set for earlier in the day.



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