3 Easy Ways to Bring the Spirit of the Temple to Your Quarantine Wedding

Thousands of Latter-day Saint couples around the world face unprecedented challenges when it comes to their wedding as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. With temples closed around the world, the sacred opportunity to be sealed in the temple is delayed for many. Because of varied circumstances, many couples have chosen to be civilly married in private ceremonies at home during the quarantine. How can you invite the spirit of the temple when you’re getting married at home or in your backyard? Here are three easy ideas couples can implement.

Speak on the power of the temple.

Have someone speak on the power of the temple sealing. This is a common practice at traditional ring ceremonies for Latter-day Saints. Your officiant (generally a Church leader) or family members in attendance can give a short talk about why temples are important and what the sealing power has meant in their life. Whether you choose to broadcast your ceremony digitally or keep it private, these words will invite a sweet spirit that mirrors the temple.

Visit temple grounds before your wedding.

If possible, consider visiting temple grounds before your wedding. If a temple is close, try to visit the temple on the day of your wedding. If a temple is far, consider making a drive as soon as you are able. While many temple gates are closed, you can park outside the gates or walk around the outer perimeter. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve learned how blessed we are to be able to physically attend the temple; there is still power to be gained from getting as close as possible. While on temple grounds, maintain a reverent attitude and keep a prayer in your heart. Talk of your testimonies of Christ together as a couple.

Prepare a holy space.

A small, at-home wedding ceremony is a great opportunity to invite the spirit. With less to worry about, you can focus on the relationship you’re building with Christ and each other. Wherever you’re getting married, make it a holy space. Clean the area and remove distractions. Try to keep all stress and worry away from the physical area you’ll be married in. You may also want to limit music, texting, and other worldly activities in the space for a time before the ceremony. During your ceremony, pray, sing hymns, read scriptures, and speak of Christ in order to prepare a more holy space for your quarantine wedding.

These difficult times are not ideal, but we’ve been promised the Spirit can remain a powerful and edifying force as we seek it.

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