5 Easy DIY Flower Crown Tutorials

Are you looking for DIY flower crown tutorials? We’ve got five of the best to help you plan your special event, whether it be a bridal shower or wedding. Do you love the flower crown trend? Share your photos or tips in the comments section.

Floral Crown Basics

This video is short and simple. It will give you all of the basics for creating your own floral crown.

Using Real Flowers

This tutorial focuses on how to use real flowers instead of fake ones when creating your floral crown.

Bride & Florist

In this fun video, a bride and her florist go over how to create a floral crown. This video is good if you want to see how a pro does it and how a beginner does it.

Bright Bunches

We liked this flower crown tutorial because it features bright flowers in big bunches. It is definitely a more vibrant flower crown for bold brides.


Succulents are a unique and they can be added to a flower crown with a bit of know-how. Here is how to make it happen.

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