5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is one of the sweetest (and most delicious) ways to celebrate your marriage! However, a professional wedding cake can also be a big expense. If you’re thinking of trying to make a wedding cake yourself, here are five easy DIY wedding cakes that anyone can be confident in.

1. Naked Wedding Cake

5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes - Naked Wedding Cake


Who hasn’t heard of the naked cake trend? It is one of the most popular designs for wedding cakes. Naked cakes feature layers of cake and filling but are basically unfrosted. Sometimes, a light coating of frosting is lightly coated on the outside of the cake, with the layers still visible. Naked cakes have an organic feel and are usually covered in fresh fruits, flowers, or greenery.

Naked cakes are super simple to construct at home because you don’t have to worry about the perfection of frosting, fondant, or piping. They are one of the most forgiving DIY wedding cakes by far! A tip when creating a naked cake: focus on making even cake layers and supporting the cake correctly.

2. Gold Sequin Wedding Cake

5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes - Gold Sequin Wedding Cake


This glamorous effect may look difficult, but it is super easy to achieve. All you need is icing, confetti sprinkles, and edible gold dust. Once you’ve completely covered your cake in the sprinkles, you paint the entire thing gold! Gold is definitely the most popular, but silver and other edible glitter colors are also available. It’s one of the new trends in wedding cakes and perfect for adding some glitz and glam. When making gold sequin DIY wedding cakes, be confident! Keep adding layers of edible gold dust until you have the look you want!

3. Drip Wedding Cake

5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes - Drip Wedding Cake


The drip cake is extremely versatile. It is done by creating a ganache or icing that can drip down the sides of the cake. You can incorporate it into any cake style, whether you want to keep it naked, frost it, or cover it with fondant. It can be used to add a dramatic punch, like chocolate on vanilla, or a more subtle sheen and accent. The tip with drip cakes is to create an icing that is the right consistency so it won’t run down the entire cake but will give you a nice drip effect.

4. Crepe Wedding Cake

5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes - Crepe Wedding Cake


A crepe is a wafer thin pastry that is usually rolled and stuffed with fruit and fresh cream fillings. However, a crepe can be turned into a cake by stacking layers of crepes and fillings on top of one another. It is unique and fresh treat to display at your wedding. You can do classic fillings and colors or use multiple fillings for an ombre affect. Crepes pair well with many different flavors, so the sky is the limit. Crepes are also fairly easy to make, once you get the hang of them.

5. Bundt Cakes

5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes - Bundt Wedding Cake


A bundt cake is a down-to-earth cake option that is easy to decorate. Many times, you can find a fancy bundt pan that will create a stunning cake without any effort at all. Simply dust with powdered sugar or a drizzle of icing and you’re good to go. You can also get a lot of versatility when it comes to bundt cake flavors and fillings.





5 Easy DIY Wedding Cakes

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