5 Fun LDS Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you looking to have a fun and flirty time with your beloved bride-to-be without making anyone uncomfortable? We understand! A bachelorette party is seen as a right of passage for many women and a great opportunity to spend time with friends before the big day. However, a lot of bachelorette party ideas are crude and inappropriate for faithful Latter-day Saints. That is why we have come up with five fun LDS bachelorette party ideas you can feel good about trying.

Make a Custom Drink

Members of the Church do not drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something sparkly and bubbly. A sweet, fun drink is an appropriate treat for everyone at the bachelorette party. Work to create a custom alcohol-free drink for your bride! You can even name it after her. Hand out the recipe to everyone in attendance and serve it all night long.

A custom drink is simple to make with a little bit of courage and experimentation. Choose a base soda and start adding add-ins for flavor. You can use mixers, syrups, other sodas, and even fresh fruits and herbs.

Play Spin the Bottle

No, not like that! Use the game spin the bottle to get the conversation and the smiles flowing. Sit in a circle and spin the bottle around. When it lands on someone, that person has to share a piece of advice or their favorite memory of the bride. Using the spin the bottle setup will add a bit of flair and nostalgia to your normal get-to-know-you games.

If you don’t have a bottle, you can use a plastic cup or even a repurposed game-board spinner.

Create Custom Wedding Gear

Bachelorette parties are generally a time for a bride and her bridal party to get together, while the bridal shower is a more formal affair. While Latter-day Saints are generally more relaxed when it comes to bridal party traditions, making some custom gear during the bachelorette party can be fun.

Decorate sashes, make custom t-shirts with stamps, draw on hats with sharpies, or pick a fun jewelry craft you can do together. Then, everyone can wear what you make at other wedding-related events.

Prank the Groom

One of the hallmarks of a bachelorette party is some silly fun! So, get your girls together and play a harmless prank on the groom. You can surprise him with a fun choreographed dance the party put together, cover his door with hearts or balloons, or take something of his hostage and send him on a scavenger hunt to get it back, culminating in a combined party with the groomsmen.

Whatever you do, just make sure you stay away from pranks that can do permanent damage to possessions, may be extremely difficult to clean up, or may cause undue humiliation.

Private Lingerie Gifts

Let’s talk about lingerie. It is the traditional gift to give, but many Latter-day Saints feel embarrassed about it. That is totally ok! Talk to your bride beforehand to see what her wishes are. Make sure to put it on the party invitations if lingerie has been asked for. If it has been, be open and frank about. Create a comfortable atmosphere and open all of the gifts at once. Communication is key. If the bride wants lingerie but does not want to open it, consider inviting guests to purchase gift cards to their favorite lingerie store instead.

Have you thrown a bachelorette party for an LDS bride? What did you do? Share your ideas and experiences in the comment section below. 


5 fun lds bachelorette party ideas

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