6 Essential Wedding Invitation Life Hacks

Do you have nightmares about paper cuts and licking envelopes? Then read through our seven essential wedding invitation life hacks!

Use a Glue Stick

When sealing envelopes, use a glue stick. They’re cheaper than envelope sealers and so much easier than licking each envelope. You may have heard about using a damp sponge; this trick can work, but you risk damaging the invitations and envelopes from the water. A glue stick is much safer!

Include Postage

If you need responses from your guests, such as a RSVP to the reception or sealing, include postage for the return card. You can do it electronically, but if you include a physical RSVP card, send some postage to incentivize guests to return the cards to you promptly.

Rubber Return Stamp

Handwritten Calligraphy Address Stamp -- Mixed Calligraphy and type - Elle Style · AngeliqueInk · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

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Order a custom return address stamp with an ink pad. It will save you so much time and finger strength. You can make your stamp as fancy or as simple as you want. It also looks more professional and elegant than using address labels.

Calculate Households

You can save yourself a lot of money by remembering to send one invitation per household rather than one invitation per person. Go through your guest list and see how many invitations will serve multiple people in a single house. An exception may be for a college-aged student who no longer lives at home.

Proofreading Right to Left

The very worst thing would be to discover a typo or misprint on your final invitations. You need to double and triple check your invitations before you have them printed. One suggestion when proofreading: read from right to left. Naturally, we read from left to right. It’s easier to gloss over words and typos. Reading right to left forces us to focus on each word and symbol.

Hand-Canceling Invitations

The term hand-canceling probably sounds scary, but don’t fear. It’s simply how postage is marked so it can’t be reused. Normally, your envelopes are run through a machine where black marks are placed across the postage stamp. This process can be slightly damaging to envelopes. When a letter is hand-canceled, it is sorted by hand and stamped by hand. Take your invitations directly to post office and ask them to be hand-canceled. Some post offices offer this for free, so try different posts office and different times of the day. It is definitely still a service offered, so be polite and make sure they know it is for your wedding invitations.



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