8 LDS Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Are you looking for LDS wedding invitation wording ideas? We have eight samples to help LDS couples and their families come up with the perfect wedding invitation. We have both traditional and unique wording ideas, and we encourage you to mix and match on your own. You can combine any of these ideas and lay them out however you want to. However, here are a couple of things to note:

  • The information about your temple sealing is one of the most important parts, yet most of the invitations will not be going to people invited to the temple sealing. We suggest including a separate invitation slip with the sealing information on it to those guests specifically invited for the sealing ceremony. You’ll notice in most of our samples, we simply announce the sealing information without putting all the specifics an invitation would need.
  • Many couples have multiple receptions or open houses. Make sure you put all of the information on each invitation. We suggest using columns at the bottom and a more general invitation wording on the top. Guests can then pick which event they are able to attend.
  • There are many different styles of invitations. Some have full text on the back, with an included picture. This is the most traditional. Some use text and photo elements, and yet others focus simply on word art typography. Determine what the most important information is and how you want to convey it. This will help you finalize your invitation wording.
  • Information not included in these samples that you may want to consider is any dress attire suggestions, what sort of event it is (reception, open house, light dinner, dessert bar, etc), and the itinerary of the night’s events.
You can learn more at our LDS Wedding Invitations 101 page here.

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