How to Propose: Simple Ideas & Inspiration

“Will you marry me?”
Chances are, the idea of asking this question is already making your knees shake. Follow these simple rules and figure out how to propose.

Ask Her Parents

It’s still a common tradition across the world to ask the bride’s parents permission for her hand in marriage. Even if you feel the tradition is antiquated, discussing your plans with her family is a great idea. They can let you know if there is any family heirloom rings your sweetheart has been dreaming about and can be a great help in pulling off the big surprise.

Make It Meaningful

Think back on your relationship. Is there a specific location that has special meaning for the two of you? A favorite restaurant? Her favorite flower? Would she love all of her family there? The thought you put behind the proposal will likely mean more to her than the ring itself. While you may want to go for something spectacular, make sure there is meaning behind it.

Catch It On Camera

Many photographers are talented at hiding in the background as you propose in private. Consider having someone film and take pictures of the proposal. It will be such a whirlwind for both of you that you may not remember all the details as clearly as you want to. This may be a little bit harder if you’re planning on a more casual proposal on a hike or in a location that is harder to get to. You can either find a very dedicated friend or simply take a camera to capture the moment after she has said yes.

Use This Specific Wording

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of proposing is figuring out what to say. While we can’t tell you everything to say, we suggest ending your speech with by stating her full name and saying, “Will you marry me?” Your girl has likely imagined someone asking her that question all her life. It is simple, traditional, and full of romance.

Try to Make it a Surprise

Even if you’ve already talked about marriage and have begun making general wedding plans, make the proposal a surprise. Here are some ideas on how to pull off a surprise proposal:

  • Get your family and friends involved.
  • Plan an extended day with multiple romantic moments. Wait until the very end to pop the question.
  • Try to pick the moment she’ll least be expecting.

Get Down On One Knee

Bending down on one knee to propose is immediately recognizable. If your bride-to-be hasn’t fully realized what is happening, she will the minute you get down on one knee.

Don’t Hesitate to Use a Temporary Ring

Unless you’re extremely confident in your choice of engagement ring, consider using a temporary ring. Most jewelers, once you pick out a diamond or gemstone, can place the stone in a temporary setting until you propose. Then, the bride can pick out a setting she absolutely loves afterward.

Pamper Her

While she may guess something is up, pampering is always a great way to lead up to a proposal. Send her out to have her hair and nails done at her favorite salon. Invite some of her friends to go with her and make it a day of fun. Then, when you propose, she’ll be feeling beautiful and less way of a camera catching the special moment.

Know How Much You Want to Be Involved in Wedding Planning

The moment after your propose, your bride will start wedding planning. Know before you propose how much you want to be involved and if you have any strong wedding plan opinions. This includes your wedding date, which temple you’d like to be married in, colors and themes, and more. You’ll save yourself a lot of stress by going in prepared with some ideas and clear communication on what you care about.


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