LDS Best Man: Traditional Roles & Responsibilities

It’s time to stand next to your best friend and support him as he makes that big leap into married life. While the role of the best man doesn’t get as much attention as some others in the wedding party, it’s still essential to the happy couple.

If you’re an LDS best man or if you’re wondering what to ask your best man to do, here are their traditional roles and responsibilities.

Before the Wedding

  • Help the groom pick out his suit for the wedding day
  • Ensure the groomsmen have the proper attire
  • Organize and host a bachelor party

On the Wedding Day

  • Make sure the groom eats and is calm
  • Ensure all the groomsmen dress correctly
  • Keeps the bride’s wedding band safe until the ring ceremony
  • Decorate the getaway car
  • Gives the first toast at the reception

After the Wedding

  • Make sure the groom has everything packed in his honeymoon bag
  • Drive the couple to their hotel or to the airport








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