LDS Groomsmen: Traditional Roles & Responsibilities

LDS groomsmen, listen up! Here are your traditional roles and responsibilities when you’ve gotten the call to stand alongside the groom.

Suit Up

Groomsmen are expected to purchase or rent all of their wedding attire. LDS weddings are generally less formal, so you may not need a tux. However, you’ll want to make sure your suit matches and that you have the correct tie, shocks, and boutonniere.

Attend the Bachelor Party

Help plan the bachelor party and attend! Your job is to make sure the groom has an uplifting, fun time. You may need to help make reservations, pitch in for the cost of group activities, or bring food. Work with the best man to see how you can be the most helpful.

Escort Guests to Seats

Traditionally, groomsmen are in charge of escorting guests to their seats for the marriage. Since LDS weddings don’t often have such structured seating at receptions, work to help guests find what they need. Pay attention to anyone wandering around and know where all the bathrooms and exits are. If there is a ring ceremony, help people be seated in a timely manner.

The Getaway Car

You get to conspire with the ladies of the wedding party to decorate the getaway car. Make sure you use car-safe decorating tools and don’t cover any important windows and mirrors. You want the bride and groom to arrive at their honeymoon in safety.


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LDS Groomsmen: Traditional Roles & Responsibilities

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