LDS Maid of Honor: Traditional Roles & Responsibilities

Other than her mother, the bride most relies on her maid of honor. Even in LDS weddings where the wedding party is less traditional, having a designated maid of honor is more than just an honorary title. The maid of honor is meant to be an emotional support, a stress reliever, and a hard worker. She has many responsibilities to help make sure the big day goes off without a hitch.

If you’re an LDS maid of honor or if you’re wondering what to ask your maid of honor to do, here are the traditional roles and responsibilities of a maid of honor.

Before the Wedding

  • Ensures all bridesmaids and female wedding party members have the proper attire, including dresses and jewelry.
  • Helps the bride during wedding dress shopping.
  • Lends a hand with pre-wedding planning tasks.
  • Hosts or helps host a bridal shower and bachelorette party.

On the Wedding Day

  • Makes sure all the bridal party has their makeup and hair done.
  • Helps the bride get dressed.
  • Helps ensure all guests for the sealing are in attendance.
  • Fluffs the bride’s veil and train for wedding photos.
  • Makes sure the bride eats something.
  • Offers the bride emotional support.

After the Wedding

  • Helps the bride change for her honeymoon (if switching dresses.)
  • If switching dresses, the maid of honor packs the wedding dress up and makes sure it is stored in a designated location.
  • Gathers up gift cards and gifts.
  • Helps package up gifts and cards at the end of the night.









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