LDS Temple Etiquette

Because of the sacred nature of the temple and the temple grounds, LDS weddings have a few rules of etiquette that differ from traditional marriage ceremonies. Above all, remember this piece of advice from this article in the Ensign:

Remember to make this a day of family and close friends and not let other festivities overshadow the importance of your eternal marriage.

Appropriate Temple Attire

Brides, grooms, the wedding party, and guests of the temple marriage should arrive at the temple dressed in their Sunday best. Most temples have special dressing rooms for brides where they can put on their wedding dress when preparing to the exit the temple after the sealing. Temple clothing is worn during the sealing ceremony for both the bride and the groom. A bride may wear her wedding dress if it has a high neckline and long sleeves. In some temples, sleeves and jackets are available for brides to wear with their wedding dresses. Other formal wear, including flowers in the hair, are not appropriate. Guests to the sealing may wear their Sunday clothes to the sealing. The temple provides white socks to wear instead of your shoes.

Rice, Horns, & Decorations

It is inappropriate to throw rice, honk car horns, or place decorations on temple grounds. These wedding traditions are allowed, however, at LDS chapels during receptions and open houses.

Temple Photography

No photography or videography is allowed inside the temple. Photos and videos may be taken on temple grounds. There is no schedule for use of the temple grounds; do not enter temple grounds when they are not open. Check your local temple for their schedule. Temples may ask videographers not to fly drones on temple grounds.

Ring Ceremonies

Ring ceremonies are a great way to involve non-member family and friends in your wedding day. Generally, the Church suggests any outside ceremony should take place before the temple sealing rather than after. Talk with your ecclesiastical leader for more information and direction about your specific circumstances. No ceremonies of any kind may be performed on temple grounds. Should you choose, rings may be exchanged in the sealing room. It is not a part of the sealing ceremony. Each temple has more information regarding their specific policies.


The temple is the house of the Lord. While in the temple and on the temple grounds, all visitors should do their best to maintain an attitude of reverence.  
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