LDS Wedding Dresses 101

Here are some frequently asked questions about LDS wedding dresses.

Why do I need to wear a modest wedding dress?

Modesty has always been an important principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ and is defined as “an attitude of propriety and decency in dress, grooming, language, and behavior.” We seek to glorify God through the way we dress, the way we act, and the way we treat others. You can learn more about the Church’s stance on modesty here. 

One important aspect of modesty is related to the temple garment. Before you are married in the temple, you receive the initiatory and endowment ordinances. Part of the covenants you make with God includes the temple garment. The temple garment is to be worn underneath your clothes and should be covered by them. This is part of the reason why your wedding dress needs to be modest; it will cover the temple garment.

You can learn more about the temple garment on our About LDS Temples page.

How modest do LDS wedding dresses have to be?

There are some requirements for both wedding dresses and temple dresses. Typically, a modest wedding dress acceptable for the temple will have some form of a sleeve, a modestly high neckline, and a modestly high back. Should you choose to wear a shorter dress, it should go to your knees. The temple matron or your Relief Society president can give you more instruction if needed about covering the temple garment, modesty, and your wedding dress.

Where do I buy LDS wedding dresses?

There are many wedding sites that cater to LDS brides. A few popular ones include:

LDS Wedding has done a lot of research into LDS wedding dresses. Click here to see all of our articles and information!

If you live in an area where there is a high concentration of LDS members, including Utah, Idaho, and Arizona, you will likely be able to find a local wedding dress shop that features modest wedding dresses.

If your local wedding dress stores do not carry modest dresses, don’t fear. Wedding dress shops are accustomed to making alterations. Sit down with your dress consultant and they will be able to suggest wedding dresses that can easily be altered to fit temple standards. If you are buying a dress that will need alterations, make sure to start shopping early so there is enough time to have high-quality alterations done.

Many LDS brides wear bolero jackets or coverings over their wedding dresses instead of having a dress altered. Some temples have these items available in the bride’s room.

Will I need a temple dress for the sealing?

During the sealing ordinance, you may wish to wear a simpler temple dress. A temple dress will need to be more modest than a wedding dress with a high neckline and back, with long sleeves. You can purchase a dress from a distribution center or from many of the websites above.

What if I want to wear my wedding dress during the sealing?

If your heart is set on wearing your wedding dress during the sealing ordinance, it is possible. Check out these bridal dress guidelines from a former temple matron. You will need to be able to bustle or remove the train and add coverings. Many temples provide jackets and other inserts to cover your arms and collarbone. Contact your specific temple for more information.

Do I wear my wedding dress to the temple?

You do not need to wear your dress to the temple. Wear your Sunday best and there will be a special room in the temple where you can put on your wedding dress.

Where do I buy LDS garments?

You can buy LDS temple garments from a local distribution center or online at You will need an LDS account to purchase temple garments online.

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  1. I definitely want to have a wedding dress but get sealed in my wedding dress. I think that way you can have a special dress every time you go to the temple. And then with your wedding dress, you can make it as fun or unique as you would like to!

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