Parents of the Bride: Traditional Roles & Responsibilities

Participating in your daughter’s wedding can be one of the most joyous and sacred occasions of your life. However, just as your daughter may be experiencing stress and worry over the wedding planning, you may be anxious about your roles and responsibilities.

We’ve gathered some of the traditional jobs of the bride’s parents. Please note! Many of these points follow traditional wedding rules, but do not feel confined by them! Many couples and families opt for completely different arrangements. As long as you keep the lines of communication open, you can divvy up the financial responsibilities and tasks for wedding plan as works best for you.

What do the bride’s parents pay for?

Traditionally, the brides parent’s focus on paying for the bulk of the wedding reception. This includes the venue space, the food, and the decor. The parents of the bride also act as hosts for the wedding reception, ensuring it runs smoothly and that guests are happy and taken care of.

What do the bride’s parent do on the big day?

The mother-of-the-bride is solely dedicated to her daughter on her wedding day. She works with the maid of honor to make sure the bride is calm and prepared for her wedding. She also greets guests as the first person in the wedding line.

The father-of-the-bride’s most prominent duty is to walk his daughter down the aisle in any ring ceremony planned. He also dances with his daughter during the reception before the first dance of the bride and groom and starts off any wedding toasts.

Most importantly, the parents of the bride emotionally support their daughter and help her with anything she needs.

What do the bride’s parents do during the temple sealing?

During the temple sealing, the bride’s mother helps her dress in the bridal room and prepare for the sealing ordinance. She also helps her put on her wedding dress and prepare to exit the temple after the sealing is over.

The bride’s father, at the invitation of the couple, traditionally acts as one of the two witness during the sealing, alongside the groom’s father. He sits next to the temple sealer and signs any certificates necessary as a witness to the sealing.

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