LDS Temple Dress Vendors

For Latter-day Saint brides, there are often two dresses to purchase. You have your wedding dress, worn for photos and celebrations, and then your temple dress, worn for the temple sealing. LDS temple dresses have a higher standard of modesty and more guidelines than wedding dresses as it is worn during a sacred ordinance. You can learn more about that here. If you’re looking for an LDS temple dress for your sealing and beyond, check out our master list of LDS temple dress vendors. If you’d like your site or business added to this list, send us information through our contact form.

LDS Temple Dress Vendor & Sites

A Dressy Occasion – View Site Dressed in White – View Site Latter Day Bride – View Site LDS Distribution – View Site Nauvoo Dreams – Visit Site Q.Noor – View Site The Perfect White Dress – View Site White Elegance – View Site
Photo by Q.Noor
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