Top Wedding Color Trends of 2017-2018

As the wedding and decor world gear up to launch a new year of dresses, decorations, and more, some standout wedding colors for the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 became clear. Take a look at them below and get some inspiration for an on trend wedding!

One of the standout trends from Spring’s 2018 Bridal Week was the stark contrast of white and black. Most notable was Vera Wang’s new collection, which featured bone white dresses with big, black flowers, capes, and ribbons.

Photo by Vera Wang


A black and white wedding is great for the couple that wants to exude an air of formality and elegance. Black and white also pair well with a bright accent color. Gold, silver, red, purple, and blue are all popular colors to pair with a black and white wedding. If you’d like to soften the harsh contrast between black and white, go for some softer grays and silvers for a monochromatic look. You can also use softer fabrics and flowers (such as baby’s breath) to ramp up the romantic factor.

Designer Reem Acra went out of the box with this bold wedding dress that highlights some of the popular trends of the season, including colors, distinct embroidery, and patterns.

Photo by Reem Acra

We loved the color of a soft French/Easter Egg blue with gold accents. While blue (especially navy) and gold has always been a popular wedding color combo, the soft French blue adds a gentler touch. It is also versatile. You can increase the elegance by focusing on gold mirrors and other elaborate accents, or you can play it rustic with blue and gold eggs or lots of fresh flowers with gold cutlery.


If there is a standout wedding accessory for 2018, it has to be pearls. From embellished necklaces to pearl encrusted dresses and veils, the creamy neutral colors of fresh water pearls made a big splash.

The pearl color scheme is varied. You can choose creamy whites and browns or focus on the natural pinks and blues found in freshwater pearls. It’s a great color palette to choose for the time in-between summer and fall.


Want something a little more bright and vivid for your wedding? Check out one of Pantone’s color schemes for 2018. This color scheme is perfect for a couple that wants something eclectic and fun. The jewel tones are vibrant and rich.


The softness of rose combines with the prickly green of cactuses in this color combo. If you’re a couple that loves flowers and nature with a bit of an edge, this theme is for you. You can combine natural elements with metallic rose gold and copper.

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