When You Know, You Know, So Why Wait? | Holly + Jason

Holly never believed those who said, “When you know, you know, so why wait?” Then, she saw Jason on stage and things were just right. From that first acapella concert to their vintage-themed wedding, follow their love story centered on the temple.

Holly + Jason

Holly and Jason were married on September 22, 2018, in the Salt Lake City Utah Temple.

Jason and I met up at Utah State. We were both in the same singles ward but didn’t know each other. He was apart of an acapella group that performed at a Christmas concert. My roommate and I decided to go. The moment I heard him sing I turned to my roommate in awe and she said, “You have to marry him!” So I got up the courage to talk to him after. We talked a bit in church the next week when he found out I was musical too. We began having jam sessions and a few weeks later, after a stake activity, he asked me out. We went on our first date in February, started dating in March, got engaged the end of April, and got married in June. It was, as most people see it, very fast, but it was just perfect for us. I never believed people when they said, “When you know, you know! Why wait??” Well, with Jason, I knew almost from the beginning. Being with him was easy.it felt comfortable to be around him and his family. We just fit in with each other and our lives so easily.

Marriage is the best thing ever! I highly recommend it to others haha. My wedding day was perfect and I’m so happy to have married my husband. I’m just excited to start a life together and help each other through the ups and downs. Can’t wait to see what happens! We’re both pumped.

What did it mean for you to be married in the temple?

Being married in the temple has always been a goal for both of us. It wasn’t even a question of if we should or not (even deciding on the temple just felt right). Being sealed to my best friend, the love of my life, was the best decision I have ever made. I think it just makes our marriage so much more meaningful. Knowing that we have this life to help each other progress, improve, and develop is AMAZING, but knowing it will continue on forever is even better. It makes us want to love each other better. Serve each other and others more. It makes us want to live the gospel more fully so our children can enjoy the same blessings. Being married to my husband in the temple was the best day of my life.

What was wedding planning like for you?

Wedding planning wasn’t as crazy for me as it was for my mom. The only thing I had a strong opinion about was having cereal at the reception. Everything else I was pretty easy going about which I’m not sure helped or made my mom more frustrated haha. Because we only had a two-month engagement, we had to stay on top of things. Luckily my mom is the most organized and prepared woman I’ve ever met. The day of the wedding was perfect because my mom, other family members, and family friends were completely on top of everything. It was amazing!

What were your wedding colors and/or theme?

Our theme was vintage with lace, old books, pearls, and lanterns. Our colors were a blush pink, dusty purple, and ivory.

Describe your wedding style.

I always thought I would want something big and classy, but when it came down to it, I just wanted something simple where everyone could gather and celebrate with us. I still wanted it to be nice, I mean, it was a wedding after all, but I didn’t want it stuffy. I wanted people to come and enjoy themselves which I think totally happened.


The only thing I would change about that day is putting a little more time between the luncheon and the reception. We had to race to get from one place to the next in rush hour traffic which was stressful for the families. Other than that, there is not one thing I would change! Getting married in the temple was the only thing we cared about. Everything else was just a party to celebrate, so we were happy with how it all went.


My advice would be to get married sooner rather than later. Satan works even harder when you are engaged to try and make it so you don’t end up at the temple. Getting married in the temple and keeping those covenants so so extremely important that getting married sooner is much more preferable to later. Also, don’t stress about making sure everything is perfect. It always comes together in the end. Just remember why you’re getting married in the first place and nothing else will seem so important anymore.


As I mentioned, we had a vintage theme. There was lace, pearls, old books, lanterns with flowers, old bikes and suitcases, and pictures of us as well as of our parents and grandparents on their wedding day. It was an outdoor wedding in a neighbor’s backyard. It was absolutely beautiful! We had classic jazz playing in the background while guests took Polaroid pictures for our guest book. The cake was made by my sister in law which was covered in lace and pearls. For food, we did a cereal bar and fruit. It all turned out classy yet the perfect party for Jason and me. It was very “us” which made the day even better. Oh! We also got shot by nerf guns for the send-off which was really fun and had all the cousins loving it!


The thing I remember most about my wedding is what the sealer told us during our sealing. He said to make the temple the center of our marriage. If we do this, we will grow closer as a couple and grow closer to the Savior. Our home and family would be blessed and we would find joy in this life. That really struck me and I knew that he was right. As long as we could keep the temple at the center of our marriage, nothing else would really matter. We would be able to remember the covenants we made and strive to do better for the rest of our lives. I still loved the luncheon and reception, especially being surrounded by so many loved ones, but the sealing was the best, most important part of that day.


Photographer: Whitney Hunt Photography | http://whitneyhuntphotography.com/
Cake: Luna Cakes Co | https://www.instagram.com/lunacakesco/




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